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Brosse De Nettoyage Pour Lave-vaisselle En Silicone Pour Cuisine


1. These brushes are made of environment-friendly food grade silicone. Fast natural drying along with the absence of bacteria makes this a hygiene friendly tool.
2. Heat resistant: The silicone used is heat resistant making it easy to handle hot pots/pans. Suitable for taking hot pans out of the oven or handling hot crock pots or plates and anything else with a hot surface.
3. Multipurpose use: Can be used mainly to clean dishes/pots/pans and other kitchenware. Not only is this a good cleaning tool for dishes, but it can also be used to clean vegetables and fruit surfaces. Also has the function to be used as a drink coaster to keep those cup stains off your tables and counters.
4. Easy storage: Has the ability to be hanged on hooks. Easily foldable to be stored in the tightest of drawers or they can be stacked on top of each other to save precious space.
5. Easy to clean: Capable of being cleaned under the sink with soap and hot water. They can be cleaned inside of your dishwasher or even boiled in hot water. Leaves behind no residue.

Because of the size measurements are handmade, so there may be a 0.1-0.5inch error


Material: silicone.
Color: show as pictures.
Size: 115*7mm (Diameter*Thickness).

Package Content
1*Dishwashing Sponge 

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