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Sports kneecap protection

Wholesale sports kneecap protection knitting warm compression leg protection set basketball football mountaineering running protective equipment

Quantity: 1pc

size lenght Upper mouth width Lower mouth width suit weight
M 32cm 32cm 27cm 50-65kg
L 32cm 35cm 29cm 55-75kg
XL 32cm 38cm 31cm 75-100kg

1: free adjustment
Adjustable knee pads
Pressure bandage
Like adjusting elasticity, wear
Comfortable and pressurized

2: Silicone non-slip
Double wave silicone skid resistant, shipped
Does not slide, the bandage is pressurized
Make the knee pads more slip resistant
it is good

3: comfortable fabric
Breathable knitted fabric, soft
High elasticity and good ductility

Comfortable fit

1. Put your knee pads on your knees
    Expand the strap as shown

2. And adjust the position
    Ready to wind

3. Wrap it first and hold it down
   Tightness according to personal preference

4. Attach the other side strap to
   Finish wearing on previous straps

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